Wow, that went fast! It's a great apartment, I really enjoyed it for the last few years and will certainly miss the neighborhood.”

Kyle Bernard

“You are a great buyer to work with.

Rick Daly, President, Darwin Realty

We know that the building is in good hands with such a capable and understanding person. It was a pleasure to do business with you.”

Frank Marsico

It's been really wonderful living here for the last year and you’ve been an exemplary landlord. Sad to leave this place but excited to be homeowners.”

Lindsey Liese

You are easily the best landlord I have had so far—will miss Logan Square!

Kai Karlstrom

“As always, thanks for the quick turnaround."

Zach Doman

You’re the greatest. I wish every professional experience were with people like you.
— Hannah Agrawal

Mark you are a great landlord!

“We appreciate how active and responsive you are to any concerns. I love that you keep us informed of things going on in the area and tries to ensure that we are happy. I have never had a landlord who cares so much about his tenants. We are going on 3 years of living here and are so happy with that choice. We feel very lucky to have you as our landlord and appreciate your work and dedication!”

Fariha Newaz

Thank you for all your trust, patience, help and support.”

“Jeff and I are very thankful for having you in our paths and also in our lives. Not only as a business developer, but also, in my consideration, for being a good person towards us. Ultimately everyone wants the best for each and Jeff and I are very thankful that you are a part of Vive Healthy. I will being thankful to you for the rest of my life."

Edna Jackeline Vazquez

You’re the man, Mark!

Kyle Stewart

“Thank you again for such a great experience!”

Amanda Johnson

We want to let you know how great it was to have you as a landlord at 2610! By far the best we have ever had.”

Ryan Dobrez

We enjoyed having you as a landlord and this past year has been nothing short of awesome.

Jacob Stanley

Thanks for getting everything fixed so quickly, Mark.

Kyle Stewart

We truly appreciated living at your property, how well everything was maintained, and your responsiveness to our needs!
— Samantha Mowrer

I really do appreciate having you as a landlord and look forward to the next two months in the area. It has been a blast and you have always been willing to give your best service to us.

Alex Hausmann

I'm reaching out to see if you have any available apartments opening up for September rent. I figured it wouldn't hurt to reach out, your place still stands as my favorite in Chicago!

Lindsey Borjon

We are so thrilled to continue to live at Cortland. Thank you for being such a great and responsive landlord, it's so refreshing! We love all of your neighborhood recommendations and updates--always spot on. Thanks again.

Cathy Fiori

We are very happy with the Cortland apartment and I can honestly say this is the first time in 10+ years I am looking forward to resigning a lease :)

Carolyn Fiori

Thanks for getting everything fixed so quickly, Mark.

Kyle Stewart

Hope you are well and it was great renting with you.

Greg Hutchings

Mark, thank you so much! We really do love this apartment and working with you.
— Rosie Maslanka

You helped a co-worker of mine (Jeff MacDonald) and his fiancé find a beautiful apartment, and they constantly sing your praises.

Charles Weichselbaum

It was our pleasure to be your tenants for the past three years and we will take with us the priceless memories made here. Thank you for all your support, flexibility and responsiveness along the way.

Rachel Hatteburg

Hey Mark! We definitely want to stay on for another year. We love the place and location, and also really enjoy having you as our landlord.

Dom Vespo

Thank you for your strong sense of urgency regarding this. It means so much to Ryan and I that you are making it a top priority to keep the building safe. Thank you for all your work on this!!

Alex and Ryan Dobrez

We are also quite pleased with the full extent of our time in one of your properties.

Matt Walt

I'm determined to rent from you :)

Amy Walcott

Hello, my name is Veronica I apologize I am not trying to rent the apartment. I came across this (ad) and I had to write to say how beautiful and unrecognizable this building is now. I grew up in this building, this was my childhood home. I just wanted to say that the owner did an amazing job to it.


Thank you very much for believing in us and Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition. It has been ten months since we met you and it has been a blessing to work with you.

Edna Jackeline Vazquez

You have been extremely professional and kind throughout all of our interactions.
— Will Petty

My sincerest gratitude for getting this done. 99% of landlords/property owners would have brushed this to the side/under the rug; so, thank you for giving us piece-of-mind and being so prompt with the repairs. I’m thoroughly impressed, sir! Much appreciated.

Respectfully, Brady Hauser

Thanks for all your help! We have been working and developing our relationship with you since April and I can say that we are blessed and very grateful that you are taking this journey with us. The knowledge, experience, trust, energy and direction you have shared with us has been key to allowing us to move forward to the next step with Vive Healthy Sport and Nutrition.

Edna Jackeline Vazquez

You have been an amazing landlord these past 3 1/2 years and appreciate your understanding.

Chris Zelis and Bobby Georgiou

You have already been such a great landlord, but that was very kind of you! Jen and I are very grateful.

Zane Biffle

It has been a pleasure to have you as a landlord over the past year. I appreciate your effort in making this new living space comfortable and getting us familiar with the neighborhood offerings. We are actually seeking a two bedroom space, so wanted to ask you if you had any other properties in the city that would be up for rent in the month of September."

Zack Marshall

Since you manage so many properties and were a great landlord to us, I thought I would reach out and see if you had availability and, if so, put our friend in contact with you.

Chase E. Bullock

You have already been such a great landlord, but that was very kind of you! Jen and I are very grateful.

Zane Biffle

We have greatly enjoyed the apartment, our time here in general and, especially, you as a landlord.

Logan Ferrie

We have greatly enjoyed the apartment, our time here in general and, especially, you as a landlord.
— Logan Ferrie

We've been very happy where we are and it's worth noting that of all the places we've rented, we both agree that you have been the most attentive of landlords that we've worked with. So we'd really appreciate the chance to stay with you for the next year.

Charles H.

For your own personal feedback, you are head and shoulders above any other property owner/property manager that I've dealt with. Means a lot to have you be so attentive to the property and tenants.

Dave Wilson

You were awesome and my boyfriend and I wondered what the monetary value of a great landlord would be :)

Hannah Carroll

Hi Mark! I hope all is well. I also want to emphasize how much we are LOVING this apartment & Logan Square :)

Rosie Maslanka

I cannot thank you enough for your flexibility and diligence as a landlord. I really enjoyed living here, and the place is impeccable.

Lana Jones

I just want to say that it was an absolute pleasure living in the apartment. You did a wonderful job renovating it, and it wasn't an easy decision to leave. Also, you are BY FAR the best landlord I've ever had. Thank you.

Anna Pederson

I wish there was a website you could go on to brag about your landlord.
— Anna Lightner

The open back porches are really nice and we like the easier access to the garage. We're also impressed with how quickly your contractors did the construction.

Shawna Hebert

I just wanted to say thank you for all of the efforts you've taken here, and really with everything that goes on in our building. All of your responses are quick and thorough …… you do everything else to leave us feeling like we're in good hands. We definitely sleep better having you as a landlord.

Jeremy Solomon

Happy New Year to the best landlord!

Anna Lightner, Lauren Stevens, Lindsey Kreiling

Appreciate you always looking out for us Mark! You have been a first class landlord.

Matt Walt

If they had a landlord of the year award we would definitely nominate you! We truly appreciate how attentive you are to issues with the unit.
— Shawna Hebert

You have come across as one of the most professional landlords I've met during my search thus far and hope that I get a chance to work with you further if one of your other properties comes on the market.

Zach Doman

It was great to rent from you. I've loved living in the apartment. I'll definitely reach out to you if I'm ever in the market for a new apartment.

Emily Bradley

Thanks for everything, good luck with the new tenants, hopefully they love the place as much as we did.

Adam Davis

Thanks for being such a great Landlord. We will miss the apartment very much, we do love that place!

Megan Richardson

We are super happy with the apartment, and really appreciate how on top of things you are! I can tell that you take a lot of pride in your building.
— Lana Jones

Thanks Mark; I appreciate the info. I'm always impressed how current you stay on Logan news.

Chris Acuna

You were a wonderful landlord and would be happy to give a great review if you are on any website such as Yelp.

Megan Murphy

… we love the apartment and you are an excellent landlord.

Mel Becker-Solomon

Thanks for being an awesome landlord!

Hannah McMillan

Thanks for the update Mark! I really appreciate the quick response. You really are the most responsive and helpful landlord I’ve ever had
— Amanda F.

If we decided to move back into the Logan square area you will definitely be the first person we contact.

Tyler Wilson

Thank you for everything, Mark. You've been a fantastic landlord.

Mike Barone

I doubt we'll be as lucky landlord-wise in Madison but here's to hoping.

Jeremy Solomon

You have been a fantastic landlord, and we love the apartment.

Austin Stephenson

You’ve been a great landlord and we’ve really appreciated your attentiveness.
— Max Yu

We really did love having you as a landlord (can safely say best experience I have had and its not remotely close) and it is a bittersweet transition.Thanks again for everything you have done. If I know of anyone looking to rent in Logan I will for sure suggest 2761 and any of the other properties you manage.

Jacob Jagust

We also want to say what a true pleasure it has been to live in this space. We have loved it, and enjoyed all the amazing things the neighborhood has to offer. And we’ve are always very appreciative of your attentiveness and neighborhood alerts (several of which we’ve taken advantage!).

Mindy Buchanan

We would love to have you as a landlord- you are so helpful!

Sarah Morrison

You really were (are) an excellent landlord, and as far as I have been able to tell, someone with actual integrity as well... so that's been... refreshing. Cheers.

— Hannah Agrawal

You’ve been a wonderful landlord and we really appreciate your help with this. Nice to know even at the end you’re in our corner!
— Hannah Agrawal